Internet Censorship in Thailand

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Ever since internet was introduced in Thailand,

the government had been doing internet censorship by blocking some websites and blogs for varied reasons. Earlier it blocked mainly pornographic websites and in the later years, it blocked websites which were supposed to cause threat to national security and those containing offensive political content. Thailand, a country having parliamentary monarchy takes publishing content against it as a serious offense. The government has since then blocked thousands of websites for violation of various rules. In 2011, it requested Facebook to remove more than 10,000 pages because of the inappropriate contents in them.

Web Hosting Ranking

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What to Do for a Web Hosting Thailand Ranking

Web hosting is one of the businesses that are now rampant in an online procedure. However, there are lots of web hosting providers who are relatively doing well in line with their business. That’s why; as businessmen who are also web hosts for the center of the business, it is primordial to know numerous ways for you to have a higher ranking in the internet. You must bear in your mind all about the strategies and techniques in making your web hosting page in the top among all the competitors.

SEO in Thailand

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Websites need visibility to become prominent in the search engines.

With hundreds of websites added every day it becomes very difficult to get noticed. Organic ranking may take time but efforts to optimize websites manually are the best options to list the web pages at the top of search engines. This process of bringing a website to the top results of search engines is called search engine optimization or SEO in short. A variety of techniques and procedures are available to make websites search engine friendly.

Free Serverhosting

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Free Serverhosting

Free serverhosting is really a great option just in case your purpose is only for the web or online presence. In fact, you will never invest any amount of money since you are not obliged to pay out of the services of it. Using these services at free of charge, you can gain a lot of advantages and benefits. You can even test some trials before making a big action for your business. There are several options for a free web hosting. One better selection is to look for a company or web host provider that offers free of charge. The other one is to create and establish a free site by just using one of the services online which also offer free service in hosting such as Blogspot, WordPress and some others.

Internet Services in Phuket

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Internet service was introduced in Thailand in the year 1996. The broadband services are now available in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket. About one third of the total population use internet services regularly.Phuket is an important city in Thailand where internet services are fairly fast and reliable.

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