What is Cloud Web Hosting?

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When resources for the websites start to decrease in a shared hosting environment, alternate hosting options are sought. Cloud web hosting is an ideal option in this situation because clustered resources of other servers can be used to keep the system running smoothly. It does not cost too much as in a dedicated hosting because it is a type of on demand use where one need to pay for the actual usage only. Cloud web hosting is best for organizations whose business needs fluctuate over a period of time. In Thailand not too many companies provide cloud hosting.

How Cloud Hosting Works?

In cloud hosting all the services are offered on autonomous groups of servers. Thus each different services like storage, bandwidth, email accounts, control panel, FTP, DNS, statistics and back up form a cluster. The servers in a single cluster serve only the service assigned for it. Thus there will be no slow down in performance because the available resources are not used at the same time and usage is limited to the demand of the website.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

If a website becomes popular, the traffic to that site is increased and so naturally it exerts pressure on the host if it is a shared one. Since dedicated hosting is expensive and requires some technical knowledge, an alternate cheap option is cloud hosting. In a cloud hosting service, there is no degradation of service even if the website becomes busy for some time. When the additional resources are not needed, the same can be used by other websites in the cloud and the user need to pay for the actual usage only.
When resources like disk space or bandwidth are needed, often assistance from customer service and support staff may be necessary in a shared hosting environment.
In cloud hosting no such hassles are there because everything is seamless in a cloud hosting technology.
The users of the website do not experience a slow performance or change in any way. There is great flexibility in selecting the operating system, the user can select Linux or Windows.
Usually when the allocated resources are exceeded in a shared hosting environment, the website gets suspended due to the violation of terms and conditions with the hosting company. No such possibility is there in a cloud hosting scenario because the resources can be upgraded any time. Cloud hosting is mostly used by large business organizations that require extra disk space and bandwidth constantly.

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