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Internet service was introduced in Thailand in the year 1996. The broadband services are now available in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket. About one third of the total population use internet services regularly.Phuket is an important city in Thailand where internet services are fairly fast and reliable.

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Therefore recently large numbers of hosting companies were established in Phuket to cater to the rising demand from individuals and businesses for hosting their websites. At present around seven different methods of internet service are available in Phuket, and they are,

1. ADSL: The download speed of ADSL varies from 256kbps to 12mbps in Phuket.The state owned TOT Public Company Limited (TOT) is the main ADSL provider in Phuket.It was originally started as fixed telephony provider. The other ADSL provider is the CAT Telecom Public Company Limited which runs the international telecommunication lines in Thailand. The leading private sector ADSL provider in Phuket is the True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE).

2. Cable Internet: Local cable TV operators provide internet services in Phuket on their coaxial network.

3. Leased Line: Big businesses and establishments in Phuket use leased line internet but will be more expensive for home users. A guaranteed bandwidth is offered on these connections since the connection is not shared with others. This is also helpful if anyone wants web hosting in Phuket with their own server.

4. Fibre Optic: High speed fibre optic broadband is offered by TRUE AND 3BB but much more expensive than the standard DSL.

5.3G, EDGE and GPRS: Wireless broadband using USB dongle or mobile phone is available in Phuket.Many mobile operators offer this service but the speed cannot be guaranteed.

6. Wi-Max: Some providers like TOT and 3BB provide Wi-Max service in some areas in Phuket.

7. Satellite Broadband: Where there are no wired broadband or mobile signal, satellite broadband can be helpful. However it is not cheap and its reliability cannot be guaranteed.

Thailand has gone a long way in providing high speed broadband in its leading cities like Phuket and Bangkok. Internet giants like Google and Microsoft have already established their servers in Thailand. Some big hosting companies in Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok host thousands of websites operating at different parts of the world.

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