Extra services

It is also possible to assign the following services:

Monitoring / SMS alarm Electronic monitoring of max. 5 Services. For example ping, ftp, pop3, smtp, http / web + many more services monitored. In the event that a service fails, the user will be alerted via SMS / e-mail address indicated mobil-nr./e-mail. 400 Baht / mo
Safety package Thaihosting.asia ensures that the server is up-to-date with all security patches and security settings recommended by the manufacturer. Service includes basically only OS + IIS + SQL. Riding with other third party applications on the server, this must be agreed separately.If you want access to the server via Remote Desktop / SSH terminal for a period of time.This will be possible by signing a disclaimer. 2.500 Baht / mo
Backup performance Backup service includes backup of one server. Backup performed in order to save 2 x weekly full backup and daily incremental of last week. Backup space is calculated based on the total amount of data stored on the backup server.It takes daily backups are stored for 14 days.NOTE! Running the databases on the server as SQL, etc., can not be taken back by them. This requires special agents because the files are in use. In this context, the creation of a job locally on the server, which ensures that the backup database to a flat file. Contact Thaihosting for advice on setting up your backup.
Extra Backup – price 
25 GB (15 Baht pr. GB) 375 Baht / mo.
50 GB (13 Baht pr. GB) 650 Baht / mo.
100 GB (10 Baht pr. GB) 1,000 Baht / mo.
200 GB (7 Baht pr. GB) 1,400 Baht / mo.
300 GB (5 Baht pr. GB) 1,500 Baht / mo.
500 GB (4 Baht pr. GB) 2,000 Baht / mo.
(Contact Thaihosting Co., Ltd. to purchase more backup space.)
SSL Certificate – 256 bit encryption The purchase is the installation included in the price, if the server is located by Thaihosting.asia External customers free installation support. 1.499 Baht / mo
Extra IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Additional IP No Relation existing server
Extra IP
100 Baht / mo 100 Baht / mo
Consultant help Help for configuration, setup, maintenance, etc..
Monday-Friday 8:00 to 16:00
Mon-Fri 16.00-22.00
Monday-Friday 22:00 to 8:00
Weekends / holidays 00.00 – 24.00
2,000 / hour 3,000 / hour
5.000  / hour
7.000 / hour

Technologies We Use

  • wordpress

  • joomla

  • drupal

  • prestashop

  • magento

  • mysql

  • opencart

  • abantecart

  • moodle

  • whmcs