The Advantages of Dedicated Servers

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It may be expensive to host a website on a dedicated server but there are many long term benefits in favor of it. Thaihosting has full fledged dedicated servers to host different kinds of websites from basic starter to premium plans at most affordable rates in Thailand. Dedicating hosting eliminates overloads, speed issues, bad scripts or codes and loading of unwanted applications. It is most useful for websites who need to respond to large number of customer queries in a day.
The client has complete control over the website in a dedicated hosting. Both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting are provided by hosting companies.
In a managed set up, the host offers support for operating system, control panel, server set up and back up solutions. Unmanaged hosting does not provide any software support and mainly looks hardware issues and network status. It is the responsibility of the webmaster to take care of the operating system and applications, security issues, control panel and general maintenance of the server. Unmanaged hosting is suitable for web developers who want to configure their website as they desire.

In a dedicated hosting, an increase in performance is seen when the system resources like processor, memory and disk space are not shared with other websites on the server.
There is less chance of server failure, crashing or slow down as seen in a shared hosting. Own firewall helps to create independent access control policy. Custom configuration helps to install only the softwares required by the client. A dedicated server has its own unique IP address and server upgradation is possible as and when desired. Thaihosting offers four different types of dedicated hosting plans with unlimited email accounts in all plans. The cost of a dedicated hosting varies with providers and the quality and support of the service differ widely depending on the host. In the starter plan, thaihosting offers 4GB RAM and 500 GB storage. The total cost of the plan is 3300 THB without control panel and 4500 THB with control panel and unlimited domains. In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated hosting reduces dependency on the host, time saved on data transfer and thereby reducing the operating expenses. The customers get instant support from a website hosted on a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is preferred by large ecommerce and commercial websites where speed and efficient customer support determine the success of the organization or business. Read more about our extra services to your new server

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