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Transferring a domain between different hosts is a simple procedure. There are certain steps to undertake before transferring a domain from an old registrar to thaihosting. All domain names registered on the internet are coordinated and controlled by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit agency created in 1998. They have formulated strict policies to ensure a safe and speedy transfer of a domain. The transfer does not affect the performance of a website or its settings. To transfer a domain to thaihosting, the following procedures are required. The first step is to apply for a transfer to thaihosting by clicking the “Transfer” link under domains. The domain must be active, unlocked and should not be in the process of being deleted or redeemed. If it is locked it should be unlocked from the old registrar through the edit domain option in the control panel. The customer should get an authorization code from the registrar by checking the control panel or contacting support. A domain can be transferred only after the expiration of 60 days from the date of registration with the current registrar.
The customer needs to pay the transfer charges in advance to thaihosting. The annual charges will be 320 THB ($10.59) for a .com domain transfer while it will be 995 THB ($32.95) for a .th transfer.
The authorization code obtained from the previous registrar needs to be filled in the box provided for the purpose. The default nameservers are displayed on the transfer application but the customer has the option to add custom nameservers. Thaihosting will send email notifications to the old registrar to release the domain.
On receiving the email notification from thaihosting, the old registrar has to accept the transfer of the domain usually within 5 days.
If the administrator of the registrar does not accept the transfer, transferring of the domain does not take place. This may arise when there is a legal dispute over the domain or the owner of the domain goes bankrupt.
The time taken to transfer a domain to thaihosting will be around 8 to 10 days usually.
The customer is notified by email the successful transfer of a domain to thaihosting. Since the most important reason for a domain transfer is price, thaihosting provides very competitive pricing option for various types of domains. Therefore for a cheap domain transfer in Thailand, the best host is thaihosting.

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