VPS Hosting in Thailand

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When a single server is divided into many independent units for hosting different websites, it is called virtual private server or VPS in short. Compared to a dedicated hosting option, virtual servers are cheap and better than shared hosting on many aspects. Here the single server is partitioned and each partition holds the operating system, disk space, bandwidth and other resources so that client’s website is independently hosted on each partition as a dedicated server. This means that the account holder can manage everything including starting and rebooting of the machine independently. Thaihosting offers affordable virtual servers in Thailand with exciting features and services. Read more about price on VPS Server

The Working of Virtual Private Server

Web hosting companies use virtualization software to separate a dedicated server into different virtual servers. Each client is given access to the partition allocated to him and the guaranteed services include root access, disk space, bandwidth, control panel and technical support. The services are permanent and cannot be taken away as in a shared hosting.

How VPS Hosting Differs from Shared or Dedicated Hosting

On a VPS server, the websites do not suffer from performance issues. Shared hosting is cheap but unable to support a website having very high traffic.

A dedicated server is not required in all cases and the cost of a dedicated server is comparatively high than any other types of web hosting. Everything can be customized in VPS hosting but it is not possible in a shared hosting.

VPS Hosting Benefits:

  • Complete privacy is available in VPS hosting since the operating system is not shared with others.
  • Unwanted applications are not installed and it saves disk space and time.
  • When there are multiple websites, VPS hosting can save lots of money.
  • The server applications can be installed without affecting others because restarting of the system is fully with the client’s control and not with the hosting company.
  • Some VPS hosting companies allows unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts without charging any extra amount.
  • It offers advanced security features than shared hosting service.
  • Onsite SEO is easy because of the dedicated IPs, private name servers and fast loading of the web pages.
  • The clients get full technical support in all types of VPS hosting packages.
Virtual Private Hosting can provide almost all advantages of a dedicated server without spending too much. The development of advanced virtualization softwares have felicitated the usage of VPS hosting in Thailand on a large scale.

Technologies We Use

  • wordpress

  • joomla

  • drupal

  • prestashop

  • magento

  • mysql

  • opencart

  • abantecart

  • moodle

  • whmcs